Kwale County is a coastal county found in the former coast province. The 2010 constitution listed Kwale county as County 002. Below are facts about county 002.

Geographical Size

Kwale County is approximately Square Kilometers. Just like Mombasa county, Kwale county is made up of the mainland and an island popularly known as the Wasini Island. Wasini is a 10-minute motor-boat ride from Shimoni town in the mainland.


Kwale County borders Tanzania (south), Mombasa (north), Taita county (west), and Indian Ocean (east).


Kwale town is the capital of Kwale County. Hence, Kwale town is the headquarters of both county executive and county assembly.

Administrative Boundaries

Kwale county is administratively divided into sub-county, constituencies, and wards.


Kwale County has 4 constituencies are Kinango, Matunga, Msambweni, and Lunga Lunga.


Each of the constituencies is divided into the ward as highlighted below:

1.Msambweni constituency: Wards in Msambweni constituency include Diani ward, Dzombo ward, Sega/Kasemeni ward, Kikoneni ward, Kingwende/Shirazi ward, Kinondo ward, Mivumoni/Msambweni ward, Mwerni ward, Pongwe/Kidimu ward, and Vanga ward.

  1. Matunga constituency: Matunga has 13 wards. They include Golini ward, Lukore ward, Mjimbo ward, Mangawani ward, Mkongani ward, Mbuguni ward, Mwaluphamba ward, Mwaluvanga ward, Ng’ombeni ward, Shimba Hills National Reserve ward, Tiwi ward, Tsimba ward, and Ziwani ward.
  2. Kinango Constituency: Kinango has 9 wards namely Chengoni, Kasemeni, Kinango, Mackinnon Road/Taru, Mtaa/Gandini, Mwatate/Mwavumbo, Ndavaya, Samburu/Makamini, and Puma/Vigurungai wards.

Economic Activities

Tourism: Kwale county is one of the popular tourist destinations in Kenya.  The most popular attraction is Diani sandy beaches in Diani town.

Other attractions include the three sisters caves near Shimoni town, Shimoni cave in Shimoni town, Wasini island boat tour, and Shimba Hills national park.

Fishing: Kwale has a coastline. Therefore, fishing is one of the economic activities residents thrive on. Sea fish is a common delicacy in Kwale county.

Farming: South of Kwale county has a relatively wet climate making it favorable for farming. On your way to Tanzania around Shimoni turn, you will encounter vast sugarcane plantations and a sugarcane processing plant. Coconut farming is common though coconut is indigenous along the coast.