Below is a list of the top 10 most populated counties in Kenya. In our ranking, we have based our numbers on the 2019 census report. As well, we have mentioned the county capital and the main economic activity of the county.

  1. Nairobi County 

Nairobi County, the Kenyan capital, is the most populous county in Kenya. The county host whooping 3,138,369 residents according to the 2019 census.

Nairobi county is the country’s economic hub since it controls 60% of the country’s GDP.

  1. Kiambu County

Adjacent to Nairobi County, Kiambu County is the second most populated city in Kenya. The 2019 census recorded 1,623,282 people residing in this county.

Proximity to the country’s capital has greatly contributed to the county’s growth. The county is home to several universities and companies making it an economic and educational hub.

  1. Nakuru County

Nakuru County, found in the Rift valley region, is the 3rd most populated town in Kenya. The 2019 census recorded 2,162,202 residents.

Its capital, Nakuru Town, is highly cosmopolitan. The main economic activity of Nakuru County is farming.

  1. Kakamega County

This western county is the 4th populated county in Kenya. The 2019 census recorded 1,867,579 residents in August. This comes as a surprise.

Perhaps, because Kakamega is not a city. Imagine Kakamega County is populated than Mombasa City. Kakamega Town is the county capital.

  1. Bungoma County

The western Bungoma County is 5th most populated county. Some 1,670,570 residents were recorded in the recently concluded census in 2019. Bungoma town is the capital is the border county capital.

  1. Meru County

The miraa hub, Meru county is the 6th largest county in Kenya. The 2019 census captured 1,545,714 people residing in this county.

Meru town is the county capital named after the Meru community that inhabit the county. Miraa farming is the most main economy of the county.

  1. Kilifi County

The coastal Kilifi county is the 7th beating Mombasa county its neighboring county. Approximately 1,453,787 people reside in the county by 2019.

Kilifi town is the county headquarters. Swahili is the main language you will hear both in the streets and in offices.

  1. Machakos County

Adjacent to Nairobi, Machakos County is the 8th most populated County. A total of 1,421,932 people reside in this county.

The western side of the county bordering Nairobi City is urban, which has contributed to an additional population.

Machakos town is the county headquarters located 63km east of Nairobi. The county slogan is “The place to be” to mean a beautiful place.

  1. Kisii County

The western Kisii County is the 9th largest county in Kenya. 1,266,860 people reside in Kisii County as of 2019. Kisii town, the county capital, is located 313.3km west of Nairobi and 106.6 km south of Kisumu City.

  1. Mombasa County

It is unbelievable Mombasa County is the 10th in the list despite Mombasa City that the county capital is the second-largest city. 2019 census recorded 939,370 residents in 2019.

However, it worth noting that Mombasa is densely populated being a city. The low population is because the county is just within the Mombasa city.

Those are the 10 most populated counties in Kenya. Now you know.