Do you know which are the top 10 smallest counties in Kenya? We have compiled this list for you. We base our ranking on the square kilometers coverage as per the National records as stipulated in the 2010 constitution that led to the establishment of Kenyan counties.

  1. Mombasa County

County 001 is the smallest county in Kenya. In fact, the county is constituted by Mombasa Island and surrounding environs covering a total of 212.5 square kilometers. About 939,370 people reside in this smallest county.

  1. Vihiga County

The western county of Vihiga is the smallest county in Kenya. It covers 513.3 square kilometers with headquarters in Vihiga town. 554,622 people reside in this second smallest town.

  1. Nairobi County

The east African economic hub, Nairobi County, is the 3rd smallest county in Kenya. The county spans 694.9 square kilometers. Over 3,138,369 people reside in this county.

  1. Nyamira County

Another western county, Nyamira county, is 4th smallest county. Covering 912.5 square kilometers, the county host 598,252 residents. Nyamira town is the county headquarters.

  1. Kirinyaga County

Found in central Kenya, Kirinyaga county is the 5th smallest county spanning 1,205.4 square kilometers. Agriculture is an economic activity here.

  1. Kisii County

The south Nyanza county of Kisii is the 6th smallest county in Kenya. The county is densely populated hosting whopping 1,266,860 people.

  1. Busia County

Bordering Uganda in Western Kenya, Busia County is the 7th smallest county. Busia Town is the county headquarters. Farming drives the economy here.

  1. Bomet County

The south rift county of Bomet is the 8th smallest county. Bomet spans 1997.9 square kilometers. Bomet town is the county hub.

  1. Kisumu county

The third-largest city, Kisumu County, is number 9 on the list. Kisumu spans 2009.5 square kilometers along Lake victoria.

  1. Bungoma County

Another western county is in the top 10 list. Bungoma county borders Uganda and spans 2,206.9 square kilometers. Bungoma town is the county capital.

Above are the 10 smallest counties in the Republic of Kenya.