In our analysis, we will state the square kilometers, bordering county or countries, and how many times bigger the county is compared to Nairobi County that many know. 

List of Top 10 Largest Counties in Kenya

Below is a summary of the 10 largest counties in Kenya. The summary include the size, location, neighbors, and distance from Nairobi.

  1. Turkana County

Found in North West Kenya, Turkana is the largest county. It spans 68,680 square km. Therefore, Turkana County is 98.8 times bigger than Nairobi County (694.9 square Kilometer).

Turkana neighbours 3 countries, 4 counties, and 1 Lake(Lake Turkana). The 3 countries include Ethiopia, Uganda, and South Sudan. The 4 counties are Marsabit county, Samburu county, Baringo, and west Pokot county.

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2. Marsabit County

Located in North Kenya, Marsabit County is the second largest county after Turkana. The county spans 66,923.1 Square Kilometres, which is 96.3 times bigger than Nairobi County.

Marsabit County borders 1 country (Ethiopia), 1 Lake (Lake Turkana), and 3 counties (Wajir,Isiolo, and Samburu).

3. Wajir County

Located in North Estern Kenya, Wajir County is the third largest county. The county spans 55840.6 square kilometres.

Wajir County borders 2 countries (Ethiopia and Somalia) and 4 counties. The 4 counties are Garrisa (South), Mandera (North East), Marsabit (North West), and Isiolo (West).

4. Garissa County

Garissa is the fourth largest county in Kenya spanning approximately 45, 720.20 square kilometres. This is 65.8 times bigger than Nairobi. Garissa is located 366.9km East of Nairobi County.

The county borders 1 country (Somalia to East) and 4 counties. The counties are Lamu (South),Tana River(West), Isiolo (North East), and Wajir (North).

5. Tana River County

Located 294km East of Nairobi, Tana River County is the fifth largest county in Kenya. The county spans 35,375.8 square kilometres making it 50.9 times larger than Nairobi county.

Tana River borders Indian Ocean and 6 countries. The counties are Lamu (East), Garisa (East and North), Isiolo (North), Kitui (West), Taita Taveta (South West), and Kilifi (South).

6. Isiolo County

Isiolo is the 6th largest counties in Kenya. The county spans 25,336.1 square kilometres. Thus, Isiolo County is 34.5 times bigger than Nairobi. Its Capital, Isiolo town, is 273.3km north of Nairobi.

The county borders 8 counties. They include Garissa (South East), Wajir (East), Marsabit (North), Samburu (West), Laikipia (West), Meru (West), and Tana River (South).

7. Kitui County

Kitui county spanning 24,385.1 square kilometres is the 7th largest county in Kenya. Thus, Kitui is 35 times bigger than Nairobi County. Its capital, Kitui town, is approximately 162.9 kilometres from Nairobi city.

The county borders 7 counties. They include Tana River (East), Meru (North), Tharaka Nithi (North), West (Embu, Machakos, and Makueni), and Taita Taveta (South).

8. Kajiado County

Spanning 21,292.7 square kilometres, Kajiado County is the 8th largest county in Kenya.  The county is therefore 30.6 times larger than Nairobi. Kajiado Town, Kajiado County capital is 107km south of Nairobi city.

The county borders 1 country (Tanzania to the South) and 7 counties. The counties include East (Makueni and Machakos), North (Nairobi and Kiambu), Narok (West), and Taita Taveta (South East).

9. Samburu County

The little known Samburu County is the 9th largest county in Kenya. Samburu spans 20,182.5 square kilometers thus it is 29 times bigger than Nairobi County. Mararal, Samburu Capital, is located 356.6km northwest of Nairobi.

10. Narok County

Spanning 17,921.2 square kilometres, closes the list of the top 10 largest counties in Kenya. The county is therefore 25.8 times larger than Nairobi. Its capital, Narok Town, is located 356.6km from Nairobi.

Narok borders Tanzania to the south and 6 counties. They include Kajiado (East), Nakuru (North), Bomet (West), Kisii (North West), and Migori (west). Narok Town is found 151.6km South west of Nairobi.