Wondering which are the top 10 least populated Kenyan counties. We have gone ahead to compile this for you. We will base our ranking on the 2019 census conducted in August. As well, we will state the main reason why the population is as such.

Below are 10 least populated counties in Kenya. 

  1. Lamu County 

Lamu county is the least populated county in Kenya. The county has 143,920 residents according to the 2019 census report.

The main reason why Lamu record low population is because of the small size. Otherwise, Lamu has densely populated especially Lamu town.

  1. Isiolo County

Isiolo county is the second least populated with a population of 268,002 according to the 2019 census.

The county is a less populated courtesy of dry climate and pastoralism. Pastoralists have no permanent resident. Though, Isiolo town is a vibrant town.

  1. Samburu County

Adjacent to Turkana county, Samburu County is the third least populated. Only 310,327 people were enumerated in 2019 August.

Samburu is generally dry, the reason why the population is still low despite being the 4th largest county in the country.

  1. Tana River County

The coastal Tana River is the 4th least populated county. A population of 315,943 people was recorded in the 2019 census.

Dry climate and instances of insecurity explain the population pattern.

  1. Taita Taveta County

The coastal county of Taita Taveta is the 5th in the list. The 2019 census recorded a population of 340,671 residents.

The county enjoys a fair climate influenced by Taita Hills. Main economic activity is farming.

  1. Tharaka Nithi County

Tharaka Nithi is the 6th least populated. This comes as a surprise to those who were in Kenya during the 2007 election find this incredible.

The county has a rich economy based on agriculture. However, the small size of the county explains the low population.

  1. Elgeyo Marakwet County

The Rift Valley county is the 7th least populated county. Approximately 454, 480 people resident in this county by 2019 August.

  1. Marsabit County

Perhaps, you did not expect Marsabit county to be 8th despite being the 2nd largest county in Kenya. The 2019 census recorded 459,785 residences.

The dry climate is the main reason why the county population has remained low. Insecurity from militia group Alshabab has also contributed to the low population.

  1. Laikipia County

The Rift Valley county, Laikipia County, is 9th in the list. 518,560 people were enumerated in 2019.

Laikipia County has a strong agricultural economy based on dairy and farming. However, the eastern side of the county is relatively dry. This is the reason the county is less populated like neighboring Nyeri.

  1. Vihiga County

The western county of Vihiga is the 10th least populated. 590,013 residents inhabited the county in 2019.

However, the county is densely populated. Small size is the main reason why the numbers are low. The climate is favorable for agriculture.

You expected some counties to be on this list. I am surprised as you are they did not feature. All in all, these are the 10 least populated counties in Kenya.