This article contains important dates that Kenyans must have at their fingertips if hate penalties as I do. We have categorized the dates into dates that concern individuals and companies. Let’s get into details.

Important Dates for Individuals

9th Every month (NHIF Deadline Day)

The deadline for paying NHIF subscription for the self-employment plan is before the 9th of every month. Self-employed NHIF members pay a standard contribution fee of Ksh. 500 per month. NHIF treats any payment made after 9th as a default thus attracts a Ksh.250 fine. You can find a detailed NHIF guide here.

Last Day of each Month

The last day of each month is very important for Kenyans with loan obligations. Loans from both online and financial institutions must be paid monthly. For example, if you have a Sacco loan, you should submit the monthly payment before the month ends. Failure to submit is considered a default and may attract fines and bad credit score as a result.

30th of June

The last of June has proven to be a headache fo majority of Kenyans who own a KRA PIN certificate. Every PIN certificate holder, whether employed or not, must fill income returns before or on 30th June every year. Employed taxpayers must obtain a P9 from their employers that they should use to fill the returns. Unemployed PIN holders should fill a Nil return before. It is highly advisable to fill the returns as earliest as possible since KRA systems tend to be overwhelmed the last few days to June 30th deadline.

Important Dates For Companies

9th of Every Month (Statutory Deduction Deadline)

Each company that has employees is obliged to deduct the statutory deduction of every employee. Statutory deductions include NHIF Fees, NSSF fees, and PAYE. The companies must submit the money deducted with regards to the by 9th of every month.

20th of Every Month (VAT Returns Deadline)

If you own a company you must be very familiar with the date 21st of each month. Companies should fill and submit their VAT returns on or before 2oth of every month. Note that all companies with active VAT must submit the returns whether they did business the month before or not. If no business is done, the company should submit a Nil Returns. Failure to submit returns by 20th attracts a Ksh.10,000 fine.

The Company End of Financial Year

Every company has a financial year. The company should file income returns for the year ended.