Despite Kenya’s experience above seasons, there are various parts of the country that have a relatively stable climate throughout the year.

1. Kenyan Coast Climate

Kenyan coast experiences a relatively stable climate. The difference between the coldest month (June and July) and the hottest month (January) is 15 degrees Celcius. Humidity is quite high at times.

Extreme temperature and relatively dry climate make the coast ideal for travelers and holiday lovers from January to December.

The average temperature here ranges from 22°C to 30°C throughout the year. Except for the month of November & December and April & May, the rest of the months are dry with no rain.

A cool breeze from the sea and sandy beaches make coastal areas suitable for tourism throughout the year.

Needless to say, extreme temperature, dry months, and the sea breeze are ideal for tourists to enjoy themselves. That’s why the Kenyan coastal region is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Africa.

Popular destinations along the coast include Mombasa, Diani Sandy beaches, Malindi, and Wasini Islands.

2. Savanna Climate

Areas that receive extreme wet and cold climate lie in the savanna climate. The annual temperature in these regions is wide. The average temperature ranges from 18oC and 25oC.

Precipitation is quite high in areas that experience a savanna climate. Dry seasons are extremely dry with no rainfall at all. Wet seasons receive, such rainfall receives high rainfall sometimes leading to floods.

Farming in such areas thrives though at times fails if the rain is not well distributed in the rainy season. Crops dry and tree sheds leaves during hot seasons.

Eastern and North Eastern Kenya are areas that lie in savanna climate. Some of the counties here include Makueni, Machakos, Kitui, Embu, Garissa, Isiolo, and Kajiado County.

3. Highland Climate

Highland climate is characterized by a wet season in most parts of the year. These areas experience perfect short and long rain patterns describe above.

However, such areas often rain in between the seasons though not heavy as during the rainy season.

The summer is sunny and warm while winter are cool. The average temperature throughout the year is 20°C. On the coldest month, temperature range between 10°C and 14°C. Whereas, the temperature average 25°C lowest temperature being 20°C.

Many national parks are found in such regions. Therefore, you will find game reserves, parks, sanctuaries in such a climate. Nairobi, Central, and western Kenya lie in highland climate.