Kenyan weather is Kenya is located at the center of the equator. In fact, equator cuts through Kenya midway. Thus, Kenya experiences an equatorial climate throughout the year.

Generally, the equatorial climate has moderate temperatures on either extreme. Kenya’s climate, therefore, vary moderately throughout the year. Kenyan weather can generally be classified into 4 categories as follows.

  1. Short Rains
  2. Long Rains
  3. Winter season
  4. Hot season

Short Rains

Most parts of the country especially the central and rift valley region receive short rains in November & December. During this time, the rain is moderate and not sufficient to grow crops. Thus, farmers in central and rift valley region don’t plant new crops during this time.

However, the ern part of the country, especially in Ukambani, receives longer rains during this time. You will, therefore, find farmers in Ukambani Region prepare their farms adequately during this time.

Long Rains

Long rains in Kenya is the period from March, April, & May. Prior to March, large scale farmers in Kenya prepare till their farms, buy farm inputs, and plant in preparation for the long rain. Agrovets are fully stocked during this period. However, the situation is different in Eastern Kenya as explained above.

However, Rain pattern differs in various parts of the country. Central, Rift and western parts of Kenya receive heavy rainfall throughout the three months. Maize plantations in Rift valley thrive during this long rainy season.

Cold Season (Winter)

June, July, and August are Kenyan coldest months. Most parts of the country except coastal regions experience below 15 degrees Celcius. Perhaps, if you are from Europe, you will find this as a joke. However, that is very low temperatures to Kenyans who are used to between 25 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius.

Temperatures along the coast go low as 20 degrees Celsius. Such is great news for Kenyans who can now use their blankets at night. However, international tourism is low in Kenya especially on the coast since it is summer in Europe and the USA.

Most hotels remain less than half a booking. Others even close at this time. As a result, Hotels are relatively cheap during this time. If you are a local tourist, this is the best time to tour the Kenyan coast on a budget.

Hot Season (Summer)

Kenya can get hot! January & February and September & October are the Kenyan hottest month. Immediately after short rains in December, the year begins with very hot weather in January. Temperature can rise as high as 33 degrees in Nairobi.