Below are the 10 Largest Cities and Towns in Kenya.

Nairobi City

The capital city of Kenya, Nairobi, is the largest city in Kenya. As a result, the city drive 60% of the country’s GDP. The city hosts 3,375,000 people as of 2019 August. The city is a regional hub courtesy of the Kenya Airways that connects other African countries.

Nairobi is both industrial and administrative centre. The city host national headquarters and international regional offices a well. Nairobi enjoy relatively warm and dry climate suitable for its city activities. The national parliament, the senate, the state house, and ministry headquarters are based in Nairobi city.

Mombasa City

The coastal city of Mombasa is the second largest city in Kenya. The city hosts over 1.2 million people. Mombasa is popularly known as the gateway to East Africa courtesy of the Mombasa port that connect most of east African countries like Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Burundi to the outside world.

Unlike Nairobi, which is administrative centre, Mombasa is a tourist hub of Kenya. Major tourist attraction is the sandy beaches along the coastline. Others attractions include nightlife, hospitality industry, and historical landmarks like Fort Jesus among others.

Kisumu City

The lakeside city of Kisumu is the third largest city in Kenya. Kisumu is located in the shores of Lake Victoria that borders Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. The city has a population of as of 2019 census report. A tilapia delicacy is a must when you tour Dunga Beach in Lake Victoria Shores in Kisumu city.

The main economic activity in Kisumu is fishing, trade, agriculture, and transport.. An inland port in the city connects the neighbouring ports in Uganda and Tanzania. Tourism is also significant here. You can Ndere Island National Park, Kisumu Museum and Hippo point are top tourist destination here.

Nakuru Town

Found in Rift Valley, Nakuru is the biggest town and 4th largest in Kenya. The town is cosmopolitan and hosts 500,000 people.  Agriculture in the neighboring areas is the main driver of Nakuru’s economy.  The Town serves as the Nakuru County headquarter playing a very important role of being an administrative centre.

Tourism is significant in this town as well. The town is near tourist centres that include Menagai Crater, flamingos in Lake Nakuru, and Hyrax Hills. Note that Hyrax Hills. Nightlife in Nakuru is very vibrant attracting night lovers as far as from Nairobi especially during weekends.

Eldoret Town

Eldoret is the 4th largest town in Kenya. It is popularly known as “the home of the champions” courtesy of world’s famous athletees like Eliud Kipchoge who hail in the vicinity. The town is home to 289,380 residents. Famous Murski (fermented milk) is the most popular delicacy here.

Eldoret is both an administrative, agricultural, and industrial center. There is a cheese industry in this town. Farming is the main driver of economy in Eldoret Town. Maize plantations just in the outskirts of the town are enough evidence. Cheese factory is found in this town. Eldoret is the Uasin Gishu County headquarters.

Thika Town

Located 45km north of Nairobi in Kiambu county, Thika town is the 5th Largest in Kenya. The town host over 171 000 people majority from neighbouring kikuyu community. Thika is located off Nairobi –Muranga  at the end of Thika Super highway .

Thika town began as an industrial centre a status that it maintains up to date. Thika is home to Volkswagen, car-manufacturing plant, maize mills plants, and coffee processing plant, among others. The town is also an education centre. Mount Kenya University and Gretsa University have their main Campus in Thika own.

Malindi Town

The coastal Malindi Town in Kilifi County is the 6th largest in Kenya. The town is cosmopolitan hosting 162,712 people. However, majority of the people are from Giriama community that resides in neighbouring villages and coast region at large.

Malindi is a tourism centre. The historical site Vascodagama Pillar is few miles from the town centre. Sandy beach and hotel industry are spectacular here. Nightlife is vibrant in this city. Sea Fish is a common delicacy courtesy of sea fishing in the Indian Ocean.

Kitale Town

The western town of Kitale is the 8th largest in Kenya. Kitale  town is 72.6 km north west of Eldoret town along Eldoret-Kitale road. The town hosts over 106,187 people majority of whom are from Kalenjin community that settle arrounf the town.

Farming is the main driver of the Kitale’s economy. Surrounded by maize plantation, large-scale maize is popular here. Kitale is an education centre hosting several colleges and satellite campus. Various administrative offices are found in Kitale as well.

Garissa Town

Yes Garissa town in Eastern Kenya is the 9th biggest city in Kenya. Despite desert-like climate and threat from Alshabaab militia group from Somalia, about 119,000 people reside in Garissa town.

The town is administrative, economic, and educational centre. Garissa town is the Garissa county headquarters. The town host Garissa University College, the only university in the region. Pastoralism drives the economy of this town. Camel milk and meat is popular in this town. Cattle, goat, and sheep meat and products are common in Garrissa town.

Kakamega Town

The western town of Kakamega is a 9th largest in Kenya. The town is located 30km north of equator and 113km south-west of Eldoret town. Some 91,000 people reside in Kakamega town most of whom are from Luhya community.

The main economic activity that drives Kakamega is farming and fishing. The town hosts over 106,187 people courtesy of sugar cane plantations in the outskirts of the town. Kakamega town is also an educational center. Masinde Muliro University of science and Technology (MMUST) is located in Kakamega town. Kakamega Forest is a tourist attraction with organized tour guide available to guide you.