How one is dressed is the first impression an interviewee presents before the interviewer, even before answering any interview question.

Therefore, it is very important to dress professionally when attending an interview. How to dress appropriately for an interview is a challenge or a concern to many.

Interview dress code

Different companies have different dressing codes depending on the nature of their work. Regardless of the dressing code policy, ensure that you dress professionally.

Dressing professionally may mean dressing in a suit. If the interviewer does not specify a dress code, consider a suit.

Some interviewer may specify a casual dress code depending on the nature of your job. Despite, ensure that you dress a smart casual to portray good image to the panel.

An interview suit

A suit refers to a jacket attaching the pants, a tie, a shirt, dress shoes, and socks for men. The suit should fit you or rather should not be oversize.

Experts assert that a fitting suit improves one’s confidence. You will not be at ease if your suit is oversize, which shoots down your confidence.

The colours of your suit are important. Do not dress in a very bright tie. As well, avoid colour clashing.

For instance, a red shirt, a blue tie, and a yellow jacket are quite clashing. For men, ensure the shoe colour matches the belt colour.

Your suit should be clean and nit. Ensure you wash your suit way before the interview day. A stained suit in an interview is an embarrassment. As well, ensure you iron your suit.

A creased and dirty suit portrays a sign of carelessness.  If you have limited time before the interview, you may hire a dhobi to clean and iron your suit in early enough.

For men, probably dress in a nice shirt and neat trousers. Avoid jeans and t-shirts. Remember dressing is the first impression in an interview.

Jewelry in an interview

The amount of Jewelry you were matters especially for women. Avoid excessive jewelry when attending an interview.

Ladies, if you have to wear jewelry, consider simple earrings, necklaces, and a wristband. Avoid large and conspicuous jewelry.

In most cases, jewelry for men creates a bad impression in an interview. If you are a man, you had better avoid jewelry during interviews.

Makeup and hair in an interview

Makeup and size of the hair are important as well. For ladies, have a neat and moderated sized hair. Ensure your hair is clean and not smelly especially for weaves.

Avoid shouting lipstick and oily face. Ladies, apply little makeup on your faces. For men, either cut the hair or have it well combed.

A bad breath in an interview is disgusting. Ensure you brush your teeth before the interview.  Chewing gum is a common way of preventing bad breath.

If you do, ensure you are not chewing in the interview room. Also, do not smoke just before the interview. Smoker breath is an indication that you are addicted to smoking which most employers do not desire.