Distracted driving is one of the major cause of accidents on our roads. Perhaps, any driver can assure you that a car accident is the worst experience they would expect.

In that regard, all drivers try everything they can to avoid an accident. However, most drivers fall victim to distracted driving that eventually an accident occurs.

You can avoid distracted driving as follows:

1. Avoid texting while driving

Today’s society is becoming enslaved to phones and other mobile devices. Probably, drivers have no enough time to talk to the people of their interest which creates the urge to text.

Texting is rated as one of the greatest distraction since the driver completely takes their eyes off the road to the phone.

That two or five seconds you try to text, many things can occur in the driving scenario. Therefore, if you must text, pull off the road, park and text.

2. Avoid driving for long while sleepy, drowsy, or sick

The urge to work or stay awake never lasts. Avoid it if you are a driver, especially if you will drive for a long distance. You are four times most likely to crash if you are drowsy.

A slight snap may throw you in a ditch or hit the car in front of you. Rest enough before you drive.  Pay a driver or get a friend to drive you should you be sleepy, drowsy, or sick.

3. Avoid eating while driving

Eating requires some level of attention. Holding the food or even snack puts off hands from the steering wheel. Eating forces you to use one hand to drive. It is quite easy to cause an accident.

A great distraction comes when accessing foodstuffs from your basket. If need be, park in a safe parking and eat your snacks or take a meal.

Alternatively, you may take the meal before or after your journey.

4. Avoid multitasking

Multitasking distracts your focus on the road. Trying to look for items is one of the multitasking causes. Ensure that you know where your items in the car before departure.

Plan ahead to have the items you need on the way easily reachable. If you have a passenger, you may dedicate them to manage your items.

5. Secure your children before departure

Children, as always, can be very distractive especially those before 5 years. A child can easily reach on the steering wheel and turn it and the next thing, an accident.

If you are driving with a young child, buckle up them in a child chair before departure. You may as well get another passenger to take care of small kids especially below one year of age.

Now you are aware how to avoid distracted driving. Put the recommendation into practice and we assure you will always be driving safely. Thank you for your reading.